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Should You Order Your Next Car Online?


Should You Order Your Next Car Online?

You may have seen the ad from Carvana that promises a brand new car delivered right to your door. Is it too good to be true?

Today, there are so many options and color choices available that you might not want to limit yourself to shopping at your local auto lot. Can’t you special-order a car designed exactly the way you want it? The answer is, of course! But you may want to think twice before clicking “Buy.”

Why So Many Are Considering Ordering Their New Car Online

There are several reasons a buyer may shop online. It’s convenient, there are plenty of options for comparison … the biggest reason, however, is that your local dealer may not have exactly the model you’re looking for.

A dealer can only stock a certain number of vehicles. If you’re set on a particular model in a particular color, you may find that it simply isn’t available at your neighborhood dealership.
Increasingly, customers do their research online and comparison shop before they set foot on a dealer’s lot. It’s no wonder, then, that many are taking online research a step further and completing the purchase outright – from their laptop.

Before you take that step, though, it’s worth it to consider the pros and cons.

Pros of Ordering a Car Online

(1) You can choose your car, equipped just the way you want it.
When you order online, you can select the engine and the tires. You can see how it would look in candy-apple red or summery yellow. You can go with Italian leather seats or a top-of-the-line audio system. The sky’s the limit, if you’re willing to pay. You’ll also get the unbeatable satisfaction of seeing your creation built to your specifications.
(2) No haggling, guaranteed.
It’s less stressful, isn’t it, to leisurely compare prices and features online? With this method, you automatically avoid the type of high sales pressure you sometimes experience at a dealership. You can take your time, think about it, and know that you’ll get up-front information on pricing.

Cons of Ordering a Car Online

(1) Buying Used? You Might Not Get the Background Check You Expect
Many online sellers don’t exactly do their due diligence to make sure the car they send to you is 100% functional. They may not have done a background check at all. If you order online, it’s best to have a mechanic’s number handy. You’ll want your new ride checked out. Plus, it’s not always easy to determine what condition a car is in based on its picture or online description.
(2) Get Ready to Wait
It may take six to eight weeks for a car to be built to your precise specifications and delivered. And that’s just for domestic vehicles! If you’re ordering an import, you may have to wait a few months. Many don’t have that kind of time, particularly if they need a car quickly, and there’s a dealership just down the street.
(3) You may still end up buying from a dealer, not a manufacturer, and at a premium.
You may not be aware of this, but in many states, the only one that can sell you a new car is a licensed new-car dealer. So while you may think you’re purchasing direct from the factory, the truth is, you’re not. Why does that matter? If a dealer has no real investment in your special-order vehicle, they’re not likely to offer you any kind of discount. Not exactly a great deal, is it?

Pros of Visiting a Dealer’s Lot

(1) You Can STILL Access Information Online
Thankfully, most dealers post their inventories online, so if you want to do your research, you certainly can! And with a dealership close by, you can get your dream car much sooner. No lengthy ordering or delivery process needed. Plus, you can see the actual car and take a test drive before you make a final decision. That alone might be worth stepping away from your computer and onto the lot.
(2) Your Dealer Wants You to Have That Car
Your local car dealer has invested in each and every car, truck, and van on that lot. The sooner they’re sold, the better! That’s why your dealer is likely willing to make a deal to get you into the car you want. If that includes extra features you can install, so be it! Your dealer will give you information and may be able to offer finance options that aren’t available online.

Cons of Using a Local Dealer

(1) You Might Not get that Exclusive Color or Interior.
Your local dealer may be limited in terms of the options they can offer you. If you’re seeking a unique interior or designer color, you may not find it in your neighborhood. You may be better off ordering it directly.
(2) Are You an Impulse Buyer? Easily Influenced by a Sales Pitch? If So, You May Want to Stay Home.
Be honest with yourself. If you know you’ll be swayed by a high-pressure salesman, it’s best to stay away from the dealership. Or, at least, do your research before you let yourself be tempted.

Whichever Method You Decide On, Depend on PreOwned to Get Your Dream Car to You

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