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Car Shipping for Individuals and Families


Did you know that car shipping for individuals is an affordable and effective way to move your cars across states? Give us a call at 877.542.1955 and receive a custom quote for your auto transport needs.

Car Shipping for Individuals and Families

Although the auto industry has been using car shipping to move vehicles safely and reliably for years, it is still a new concept for most car owners. With PAL, booking your car shipment is easy and can help you save money on moving your car. So, whether you’re moving for work, college, or to pursue the life of your dreams, we can help you get your vehicle there safely and reliably.

How Can Individuals and Families Use Auto Transportation?

No matter the reason for your move, using a car shipping service to get your vehicle transported can help to save you time and money. Check out these prime examples of when it is best to use a car shipping service for individuals.


Any time you send a kid off to college, the moving date will be stressful for everyone. Let Preowned Auto Logistics take some of the stress by shipping the vehicle for your college student to their new destination.

Moving Across States

Moving for work requires a lot of logistics and planning for everything to go smoothly. At Preowned Auto Logistics, we can help you to get your personal and work vehicles moved from Maine to California and anywhere in between so that you can focus on getting settled into your new life.


If you’re finally ready to head south and settle down to enjoy your retirement, let Preowned Auto Logistics help you get your car shipped to your new home! We can get your car moved quickly and provide you with updates all along the way.

Buying or Selling Online

Buying a car online is a great way to find the exact make and model you’re looking to bring home. Preowned Auto Logistics can help you expand your search by shipping your new car from the seller straight to you. Additionally, if you’re selling a car online, PAL is a reliable and easy way to help get your car to its new owner!

Why Should I Use Preowned Auto Logistics for Car Shipping?

Clear Communication

All of the drivers at Preowned Auto Logistics are determined to ensure that your car transportation is stress-free, which is why they will provide you with regular updates and information about your vehicle’s shipment. This communication helps you to plan ahead and know exactly when to expect your delivery.

Affordable Pricing

PAL offers competitive and affordable pricing for our auto shipping services. Be sure to book ahead of time for even better pricing! We’ll help you save money moving your car.

Before and After Inspection

One of the ways that Preowned Auto Logistics helps you to feel confident in your vehicle’s shipping process is that we perform in-depth inspections before loading onto the truck and again upon delivery, complete with photos of the exterior and interior of the car.


Choosing Preowned Auto Logistics is a great way to take the stress out of getting your car moved because of our team of experienced drivers. Our drivers have years of experience in the transportation industry, and we’re dedicated to offering you the best in the business for your car shipping needs.