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Do you ship for independent dealerships?

Yes and more! We do moves for large dealership groups, small dealership groups and independent dealerships as well as auction houses nation-wide too!

How does car shipping with PAL help online purchases?

PAL offers all kinds of resources to help with online purchases. Our instant quoting tool is very useful when it comes to making good purchasing decisions quickly.

How does Shipping my car save me money?

It may seem surprising but shipping your car with a service like PAL can help you save big on your move. The cost of things like food, gas, lodging, and more can add up quickly.

Is Car Shipping free for active military?

If you are an active member of the military or have received a permanent change of station (PCS) order, the military may offer to ship your car for free; however, if it does offer to pay for your vehicle, it will only pay for a single privately owned vehicle, according to the DOD.

How does Military PCS Vehicle Shipping Work?

Military PCS vehicle shipping is entitled to certain members assigned to a new duty station. Only one privately owned vehicle (POV) may be shipped at government expense, according to the Department of Defense. Alternate port requests must get approval from the Military Traffic Management Command (MTMC).

Is car shipping for college students the best way to move their car?

Yes! It is the safest way to move your vehicle. It’s also the cheapest option for long distances. Moving across the country, especially for college, can be expensive. Our auto shipping services are affordable and cheaper than driving yourself.

When is Enclosed Car Shipping Best?

Luxury Vehicles, Vintage Cars and has Full Coverage

Why Should I Choose Open Carrier Car Shipping?

Cost-effective, Speedy Delivery, Last Minute Booking, Safe and Reliable

Why should I Opt for Door-to-Door Car Shipping?

Convenience, Direct Routes

Why should I use Preowned Auto Logistics to ship my exotic car?

Clear Communication, Door-to-Door Shipping, Extra Care for High-Value Vehicles and Before and After Inspection.

What is the better option: Open or Enclosed carrier?

The answer to this question depends on your shipping needs. While most cars are completely safe on an open carrier, sometimes shipping enclosed may be more appropriate. When shipping enclosed your car is completely guarded from the elements.

So, if you have a luxury or specialty vehicle that you do not want exposed to the rain or road debris, shipping enclosed would be the way to go.

What happens if my vehicle is damaged during shipping?

While we make every effort to ensure the safest possible transport, accidents occasionally occur. If something does happen, we ask our customers to follow these steps:

  • Document damage on the Vehicle Condition Report with the driver, prior to signing
  • Send us pictures of the damage
  • Fill out a Damage Claim form
  • Contact Preowned Auto Logistics within 24 hours

Completing these steps will allow us to process your claim quickly and easily.

Can I ship large or modified vehicles?

Yes we are able to ship most vehicles. Based on the size, weight or modifications our transportation specialists can find a solution that accommodates your specific requirements.

Can I load my vehicle with personal items?

PAL strongly recommends against leaving personal items in vehicles during shipment. Transportation Cargo Insurance only covers the vehicle being shipped and does not cover damage resulting from personal items mobilizing during transport.

Do I need to be present during pick-up / delivery?

The condition report requires a customer signature at the time of pick-up and delivery. In some situations, it is possible to arrange a representative to sign for the customer. To ensure safe transport, we thoroughly inspect every vehicle prior to loading. Upon delivery, we cross-reference this inspection, making sure the vehicle is in the same condition it was before transport.

How do I prepare my vehicle for shipment?

To prepare your vehicle for shipment, please insure the following steps have been taken:

  1. Remove your toll transponders or place it in a foil shielding bag/aluminum foil.
  2. Make sure fuel-tanks contain a quarter of a tank or less.
  3. The vehicle has been cleaned allowing for a proper inspection report.
  4. All personal items have been removed.

Learn more about how to prepare your vehicle for a successful transport.

What is a terminal?

A terminal is a fully staffed and secured location that will accept and store your vehicle in the case that you are unable to be present during pickup or delivery. Terminals will thoroughly inspect and document the condition of your vehicle. Terminals offer:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Airport shuttle services
  • Convenient and accessible location
  • Short and long term storage
Do you offer Door to Door services?

Yes! For the convenience of our customers we offer door-to-door transport, however, we also offer terminal services if this better suits your needs.

Is my vehicle insured during shipment?

Yes. Our cargo insurance fully covers your vehicle during shipping. Personal items are not covered and should not be left in your vehicle during transport. Learn more about our vehicle insurance.

Do you transport other vehicles like motorcycles, boats and RV’s

Yes! We can haul it all. Learn more about shipping recreational vehicles, boats, and other large crafts.

How Can Individuals and Families Use Auto Transportation?

No matter the reason for your move, using a car shipping service to get your vehicle transported can help to save you time and money. Check out these prime examples of when it is best to use a car shipping service for individuals.


Any time you send a kid off to college, the moving date will be stressful for everyone. Let Preowned Auto Logistics take some of the stress by shipping the vehicle for your college student to their new destination.

Moving Across States

Moving for work requires a lot of logistics and planning for everything to go smoothly. At Preowned Auto Logistics, we can help you to get your personal and work vehicles moved from Maine to California and anywhere in between so that you can focus on getting settled into your new life.


If you’re finally ready to head south and settle down to enjoy your retirement, let Preowned Auto Logistics help you get your car shipped to your new home! We can get your car moved quickly and provide you with updates all along the way.

Buying or Selling Online

Buying a car online is a great way to find the exact make and model you’re looking to bring home. Preowned Auto Logistics can help you expand your search by shipping your new car from the seller straight to you. Additionally, if you’re selling a car online, PAL is a reliable and easy way to help get your car to its new owner!