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Auto Transport for Online Car Buyers


Buying and selling cars online is easier when you don’t have to plan the trip to pick up your latest purchase. Let Preowned Auto Logistics take care of your auto shipping for online car purchases. Give us a call at 877.542.1955 and receive a custom quote for your auto transport needs.

How Does Car Shipping with PAL Help with Online Car Purchases?

Safest Option for Your Car

Whether you’re buying a vintage vehicle in need of secure, enclosed transportation or a first car for your teenager, you’ll want to be sure your vehicle gets to you in the best condition possible. Shipping your vehicle with Preowned Auto Logistics is the safest way to transport any online car purchases.

Many Shipping Options

If you’re looking for a cheap and reliable auto transport option, our open carriers are easy to book and less expensive than driving to pick up your newly purchased car. If you need more protection for a luxury vehicle or vintage car, ask about our closed carriers.

Hands-Free Pickup and Delivery

Arranging for shipping the car you purchased online is easy when you have Preowned Auto Logistics to help. This service allows you to arrange for your car’s delivery hands-free and stress-free. Your driver will pick up your vehicle directly from the seller and deliver it straight to your home.

Makes Shipping Across the States Easy

Whenever you choose to have the cars, you purchase online shipped with Preowned Auto Logistics, you’ll be able to widen your search for the perfect car for your collection across the entire country. We’ll make it easy to get a vehicle shipped from anywhere in the USA.

Why Online Car Buyers and Sellers Choose Preowned Auto Logistics?

Affordable Shipping

Driving to the seller of the car you purchased online is going to add to the expense of your new purchase significantly. You’ll need to arrange for a friend to make the drive with you and then return with both vehicles. However, when you ship your vehicle purchased online, you’ll save money even shipping short distances.


We take pride in ensuring that our customers have a stress-free experience, which is why our drivers are dedicated to offering reliable delivery times and keeping you updated on the progress of your vehicle’s shipment all along the way.

Shipping Options

If you’ve purchased a luxury vehicle online, we can help you get it shipped safely and quickly with our enclosed carrier. Opt for an open carrier for better pricing and more availability. We even offer door-to-door shipping to help take the responsibility off of you.


Getting your auto transport scheduled is as easy as a phone call. Our team will help you get all the arrangements made to get your new car shipped quickly every time. Call today to get your car shipment scheduled!