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Enclosed Carrier Auto Transport

Give your car maximum protection while in transit when you opt for enclosed carrier auto transport. Call 877.542.1955 and get a custom quote for your auto transport needs.

Enclosed Carriers for Auto Shipping

The enclosed trailer design protects the vehicles from all possible wear and tear in transit and ensures your vehicle is protected from pickup to drop off. Enclosed carriers look very similar to regular semi-trailers, but the interior is built to accommodate multiple levels of cars. Some of these carriers can carry up to six vehicles. These types of auto transport trailers are great for anyone looking to keep their vehicle totally protected in transit.

When is Enclosed Car Shipping Best?

Luxury Vehicles

The most common reason to choose enclosed auto transport over open is for luxury vehicles with a high value. These cars are best preserved by shipping with an enclosed carrier where they are protected from the elements.

Vintage Cars

Similarly, vintage cars are an excellent option for enclosed carrier car shipping because it helps to keep the car in the same condition as when it left. Open carriers are very safe, but the added security of an enclosed trailer gives many vintage car owners the peace of mind they crave.

Full Coverage

Whether you are a collector of unique, vintage, or luxury vehicles, getting your cars moved with an enclosed trailer ensures that the carrier’s insurance policy fully covers your vehicle.

Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Considering Enclosed Car Shipping

If you’re considering shipping your car and you don’t know if enclosed or open auto shipping is the right decision for you, ask yourself a few quick questions to determine if this is the right choice for you.

  1. Am I concerned about rain, snow, sleet, or other potential weather conditions affecting my vehicle in transit?
  2. Would additional protection from theft be beneficial to me?
  3. Do I consider my vehicle an investment?
  4. Does my vehicle have a unique paint job or other exterior features I’d like to give extra protection?

Why Should I Use Preowned Auto Logistics for Enclosed Car Shipping?

Clear Communication

Our drivers are dedicated to providing you with clear communication from beginning to end. Your driver will be sure to keep you informed on any changes in pickup and delivery times so that you know exactly what to expect and when your car will be delivered to its new destination.

Affordable Pricing

Using Preowned Auto Logistics is a great way to save on your car shipping experience. We offer competitive pricing with all the options you need for a stress-free car shipping experience. Save big on shipping your car when you choose PAL.

Before and After Inspection

Whenever you ship your car with Preowned Auto Logistics, your driver will be dedicated to providing you with an experience that will take the stress out of moving your car. The driver will perform an inspection before loading the car onto the carrier and again upon delivery. This helps ensure that your vehicle arrives in the same condition it left in.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the team handling your auto transport is highly trained and takes the utmost care ensuring that your car arrives on time every time. Take the stress out of your move with PAL.