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Car Shipping for Snowbirds


Traveling south for the winter is an excellent way to avoid seasonal depression and all the difficulties that come with life in the northern winters. Give us a call at 877.542.1955 and receive a custom quote for your auto transport needs.

Why Snowbirds Ship Their Car Instead of Drive

Safety For You and Your Car

Auto transportation with Preowned Auto Logistics is the safest way to ship your car. It is the most secure way to move your vehicle across the country, and it is the safest for you because our drivers are highly experienced and know all the safest routes throughout the country.

Saves Money

It may seem surprising but shipping your car with a service like PAL can help you save big on your move by eliminating the need for you to waste money on things like food, gas, lodging, and more to drive the car yourself.

Faster Than Driving

Because our drivers are highly experienced with the routes throughout the country, they are able to get your car shipped in less time than it would take to drive yourself. Ask about our expedited shipping when booking your car shipping and get your car delivered to your snowbird destination as soon as you get off the plane.

Reliable Delivery

Because of our extensive experience with the routes and stops along the way, you will be able to get your car delivered reliably and quickly every time. If there are any unexpected delays, your driver will let you know right away so that you will know exactly when your car will arrive at your snowbird destination.

Why Should You Choose Preowned Auto Logistics to Ship Your Car South for the Winter?

Affordable Car Shipping

Driving your vehicle is often not the most cost-effective way to get your car moved south for the winter. If you’re considering becoming a snowbird, check out our car shipping services for snowbirds and save on your winter retreat.

Closed and Open Carriers Available

Finding the right kind of carrier for your vehicle is easy when you book with PAL because we have an amazing fleet of open and closed carriers available. Your dispatcher will help you pick the right type of carrier for your vehicle; just ask about our open and closed carriers upon booking for more details.

Clear Communication

Your driver will keep in touch with you all along the way to ensure you always know when to expect your vehicle to be delivered at the drop-off location. If any delays are encountered along the way, your driver will get in contact to update you with the new expected delivery time.


Booking with Preowned Auto Logistics is easy. We have a team of dispatchers waiting to answer all your questions and help you select the perfect options for your car shipping to help you get down south for the winter for less! Call today!