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Why PAL? (Video)


Why PAL? (Video)

Kevin Lombardi of PAL talks about what sets Preowned Auto Logistics apart from other car shipping companies.

Hi, my name is Kevin Lombardi. I’m Vice President of Business Development for Preowned Auto Logistics, and what I try to tell our customers is that we are different because we are efficient. Many of the stories you hear in the transportation business are bad. And people move from transportation company to transportation company because they can never be assured of the timeliness and safety of the delivery of their vehicle. We assure both those things, and it’s because of our people.

We have a lot of tenure here. We have incredibly skilled and tenured professionals in both sales and dispatch. And Dana is, probably, the number one resource in auto transportation in the country. He has positioned our business for the future. So, all of us are very vested in this business. We want to be here and we want to serve our customers.

I spend at least one to two days in the field per week, and I hear the horror stories. I hear the damages, the unreliability, cars not getting picked up, customers that need competitive prices. I hear a “bait and switch”, which is a term in my business that goes back since I started in sales over 30 years ago. We do none of that. We quote a price; we commit to the price; it’s fair and reasonable. And we get your car to the place it’s supposed to be in a timely and a safe fashion.

In many cases, our customers, our dealer customers, ask us to talk directly to their customers. So, that referral is at the highest level. And we have to be efficient and prompt when we’re handling our customers’ customers. That’s the differentiator at Preowned Auto Logistics.