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What You Need to Know About Oversized Vehicle Shipping

What You Need to Know About Oversized Vehicle Shipping

Whether you’re looking to move a camper, an SUV with a roof rack, or specialized equipment, Preowned Auto Logistics can help you with oversized vehicle shipping across the USA and more. Learn more about our services and how to tell if your vehicle is oversized below.

How Big is an Oversized Vehicle?

Generally, anything that is larger than the factory standard car, SUV, or pickup truck is considered an oversized vehicle. That includes vehicles with roof racks, SUVs with trailer hitches, and trucks with large tires or lifts. All these factors affect how the vehicle sits on the trailer and can make shipping more difficult.

When it comes to roof racks and lifts, the increased height on a car or SUV can cause problems with the trailer meeting the 13’ 6” height requirement, while hitches and other extensions on the vehicle can cause it to take up more than one space on the trailer.

Shipping Oversized Vehicles on a Trailer

Oversized vehicles are often labeled as such because it takes up more than one space on a trailer. For many auto shipping companies, this is the primary factor in determining if your vehicle is oversized. Additionally, car shipping companies may use other equipment and shipping methods for larger vehicles or equipment. Some oversized vehicles, like backhoes, may require specialized equipment to ship.

Why Do Oversized Vehicles Need Special Accommodations?

Auto transport companies qualify some vehicles as oversized to help regulate the loads on their trucks and ensure the safety of all the vehicles on board. Auto shipping companies, like PAL, must meet a 13’ 6” height requirement, which ensures the truck will not encounter any problems with overpasses. Additionally, the width of the trailer has to be considered, so trucks with oversized tires may require special accommodations to ensure they fit on the trailer properly.

Other Ways to Ship Oversized Vehicles

Depending on the conditions of the market and the vehicle to be shipped, car carriers may use rail transportation. This is a rare occurrence in the auto shipping industry, but it can happen from time to time. In this case, the trailer will be loaded onto the rail to be shipped from one destination to another.

Cost Difference for Shipping Oversized Vehicles

Shipping an oversized vehicle will come with additional costs; however, the prices vary greatly depending on the season, industry state, driver and carrier’s capacity, and market rates. The good news is that even if a vehicle has to take up two spaces on a trailer, you won’t be expected to pay for both spaces. Instead, the standard fee will have a slight up-charge to cover the second space.

In general, you should expect to pay around 30-40% more than the standard fee for shipping an oversized vehicle.

Why Should You Choose Preowned Auto Logistics?

At Preowned Auto Logistics, we have years of experience helping individuals and companies ship large equipment and oversized vehicles. Our drivers have experience shipping everything from golf carts to heavy construction equipment, so you can rest assured that your oversized vehicle will be in great hands when you use PAL for your auto shipping needs.

Examples of Vehicles Preowned Auto Logistics Can Ship:

  • RVs, Campers, Travel Trailers, Etc.
  • Construction Equipment
  • Cargo Trailers
  • Boats
  • Jet-Skis
  • Golf Carts, ATVs, and Other Motorsports Vehicles
  • Luxury Cars
  • Sports Cars

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Sample Customer Reviews

“Exceptional service and follow-up. Been using for over 10 years and have referred several friends, all continuing satisfied clients. Kerry Harris terrific account manager. We typically ship two cars back and forth from Boston to Palm Beach; service in Palm Beach end with Dennis outstanding. Highly recommend PAL!!”

– Theodore Shediac (Ted)

“Bill set me up with Kerri to handle the transport of my SUV from Fort Lauderdale to Buffalo. Everything went smooth, from customer service to the gentleman/driver who picked up my vehicle. He took pictures of the vehicle, and once it was loaded on the trailer. He gave me his cell number to call or text him, which l did once. Delivery was perfect! I am very pleased with Auto Logistics and will definitely use them in the future😊”

– Wendy Wakeley

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