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Types of Dealership Moves (Video)


Types of Dealership Moves (Video)

Jeremy Louisos talks about car shipping and the different types of dealership moves that PAL handles every day.

I’m Jeremy Louisos, SVP at Preowned Auto Logistics, talking about different types of dealer moves. So our dealership clients are really bustling places. You go to these lots and you see a ton of different vehicles on their lots. Well, all those vehicles had to get there somehow. So a lot of original equipment manufacturers coming right from the factory, but also there’s a lot of used inventory these days that might be sourced at online auctions or brick and mortar auctions, and then even a dealer trade.

So one of the things dealers do quite often is a customer comes in, they say, “Hey, I see you have a red one. I want a blue one.” A dealership a few hundred miles down the road has the one they’re looking for and those dealerships will actually trade those cars.

On the other side of it, every time a vehicle is purchased, sometimes they’re driving them off the lot. But quite often those vehicles need to be delivered. Especially now with online purchases. We see a lot more distance, people that might not even be in-state are purchasing from these dealerships and need that distance move and that’s really a place that we specialize in, in those types of final mile deliveries.

Then after a trade-in comes into the dealerships, they usually will bring those to auction and the cycle starts over again. So really anything you need from sourcing your inventory to dealer trades to any of those auction moves, Preowned’s here and ready to help.