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Tips to Get Your Car Shipped Fast


Tips to Get Your Car Shipped Fast

Sometimes the need arises for you to have a car shipped fast. Once you’ve decided to ship your car with a carrier, there are a lot of factors that play into how quickly your car can get from point A to point B. Below, we’ll look at some of the most common scenarios for getting a car shipped fast or last-minute and how you can ensure your experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Standard Shipping Times

In general, shipping times for auto transport companies like Preowned Auto Logistics are anywhere from a day to ten days across the USA. These times may vary depending on unforeseen factors like traffic and detours.

If the starting and ending locations are within 100 miles of one another, this delivery can take as little as a single day in the right conditions. Similarly, if the destination is across the country, it will take up to ten days for the carrier to transport your car.

When to Book Your Car Shipping Service

As with any service, if you book ahead of time, your chances of getting the service you want in the timeframe your want, for a fair price, increase significantly. Having advanced notice allows Preowned Auto Logistics to prepare for your shipment, arrange with a driver, and plan out the best route for your car shipping service.

Two weeks ahead of time gives your car shipping service plenty of time to arrange the perfect solution for your needs and get you a great price. Alternatively, if you book even a month out, we’ll have even more resources at our disposal to make sure your car gets to its destination.

The more time you give your carrier to prepare for your shipment, the better it is for you and the company.

Expeditated Auto Transport

Let’s look at two common scenarios where you may need to have your car shipped under atypical circumstances.

Small Shipping Window

One of the most frequent requests PAL gets for shipping a car quickly is a short shipping window. This usually arises because the vehicle owner cannot be without their car for long. As a result, they need the car to be picked up and delivered without delay. This kind of thing often happens when someone moves to a new city and needs a vehicle for work.

Last-Minute Accommodations

Another situation that arises sometimes is needing a car shipped with little notice. Preowned Auto Logistics has fulfilled requests for same-day car shipping services in the past. These scenarios are not ideal, but we’re proud to be able to provide the necessary accommodations for our customers, even with short notice.

The main difference for the customer between standard and priority shipping is the urgency of the need and the budget.

Standard vs. Priority Car Shipping

Standard Car Shipping

When Preowned Auto Logistics, or any auto transport carrier, has time to prepare before your shipping day, it gives the company the ability to make the proper accommodations for the vehicle. This can include finding a truck going to the exact location with plenty of available space and no delays. Planning ahead helps everything from drop-off to delivery run more smoothly for everyone involved. Because it’s easier to prepare and plan for this kind of shipping, it’s also more affordable.

Priority Car Shipping

When Preowned Auto Logistics must plan for a last-minute car shipping service, we can still make the necessary adjustments, but it takes a lot more legwork. Often, the carrier will need to reallocate resources, bring on additional drivers, and more. These extra steps in getting a car shipped quickly are why it’s more expensive to use priority shipping for your vehicle.

However, priority car shipping can be done affordably by booking ahead of time and specifying your necessary shipping window.

Priority and Expedited Car Shipping Costs

As with shipping anything, priority shipping for cars is more expensive than standard shipping. However, booking in advance can lower the cost because it allows the company to plan for your shipment. Last-minute car shipments require a lot of reallocations of resources and, sometimes, additional equipment or drivers, which is why it costs more. The additional costs free up the company to use more resources to ensure your vehicle gets to you in a timely manner.

Same Quality, Faster Delivery

When you choose to have your car shipped with Preowned Auto Logistics, we promise that you’ll get the same quality shipping service no matter when you book. As mentioned above, advanced notice allows us to make more adjustments to get your vehicle to you, but we never compromise on quality or customer service.

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Sample Customer Reviews

“Kerri and team made our car transport so easy! Great communication throughout the process, and our car arrived safely even sooner than originally estimated.  Excellent service at a fair price. Highly recommend!”

– Melissa Brown

“Colby Harlow was the account manager that worked with me to transfer a car to California. He was available and able to answer all my questions. He was professional and efficient. I was a bit concerned as I have never used a service like this, but it was great. Colby followed up and checked in during the week the car was in transit. Great company, great representative.”

– Karen Laliberte

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