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Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping

Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping

With terminal-to-terminal auto shipping, you’ll have the ability to ship your vehicle to a location near your home! Whenever you choose to ship your car, you’ll have to decide what methods make the most sense for your situation. Below, we’ll show you more reasons to choose terminal-to-terminal car shipping for your auto transport.

What is an Auto Transport Terminal?

Before deciding between terminal auto shipping and door-to-door services, you need to understand what an auto transport terminal is. These terminals are lots filled with vehicles waiting to be picked up and shipped to dealerships or customers’ homes.

These facilities are located throughout the USA and owned by different shipping companies and individual businesses alike. Companies like PAL often own several car shipping terminals and utilize other auto transport terminals to ensure you can get your car shipped efficiently and quickly every time.

Preowned Auto Logistics uses terminals that offer high-quality security for the vehicles so that you can drop off your car whenever convenient for you. Rest assured your vehicle will be safe and watched over until the driver loads it onto the car for shipment.

Benefits of Terminal-to-Terminal Auto Shipping

Whenever you use terminal-to-terminal auto shipping, you’ll have the peace of mind you need knowing your vehicle is being left at a secure facility until the driver is ready to load it onto the truck. All you have to do is find a time to stop by the terminal and leave your vehicle with the attendant.

PAL uses terminals where there is always an attendant on-site so that it’s easy to get your car checked in and perform the original inspection. After the inspection is performed and you have signed the paperwork, you’re ready to go. We’ll handle the rest of the process of getting your car shipped to your new location.

Dropping off your car at a terminal not only frees up your schedule, but it allows us to utilize better shipping lanes to get your car shipped more efficiently.

Additionally, you’ll find that dropping off your car at a terminal only takes about 10-15 minutes out of your day. As for waiting for a driver to arrive at your home, that can take an afternoon because of unexpected driving conditions or traffic. All around, using a terminal saves both you and your driver time.

How to Find a Car Shipping Terminal

Finding a car shipping terminal is easy because many companies throughout the country offer terminals. It’s especially easy to locate a terminal in high-traffic states like Florida, where seasonal travel leads to many cars being shipped to the state.

There are fewer terminals in low-traffic states like Ohio, so you may have to travel a little way to drop off your vehicle in those cases, but there are terminals available in every state. Additionally, PAL will work to agree on which shipping method is most convenient for you. This means if there isn’t a terminal within a reasonable driving distance, we’ll help you to determine if door-to-door shipping is a better option for your move.

Advantages of Terminal-to-Terminal vs. Door-to-Door Shipping


When shipping your vehicle straight from your home to your new destination, using door-to-door shipping can be very convenient. If you are not located near a shipping terminal, or you don’t have a secondary vehicle to use while your car is being shipped, this may be the right method for your shipment.

Whenever you use door-to-door shipping, your driver will work with you to find the perfect location for pickup and drop-off, whether it’s your driveway or a nearby parking lot. Door-to-door shipping also allows you to be present for both the initial inspection of the vehicle and the final inspection, so you’ll learn what to look for and confirm the vehicle’s condition first-hand.


Terminal-to-terminal shipping works a little differently. Instead of waiting for the driver to come to you, you simply drive your vehicle to a terminal and leave it in storage for the truck to pick up when it’s ready.

Often, this allows the cars to be shipped quickly and without delay because the terminals are frequent stopping places for carriers anyway. Instead of driving out of their way to find your home to load up the vehicle, the driver simply loads your car onto the truck while at a stop they were likely going to make regardless.

Because this method frees up both your time and the driver’s time, terminal-to-terminal shipping is often less expensive and quicker than door-to-door shipping. Additionally, you can ship your car well ahead of time and let it sit in the terminal, knowing it will be ready for you when you arrive at your destination.

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Whether you’re shipping your car for a seasonal stay on the beach or moving across the country for work, Preowned Auto Logistics can help you get moved quickly and efficiently with terminal-to-terminal auto transport. Give us a call at 877.542.1955 and receive a custom quote for your auto shipping needs.

Customer Reviews

“Mindy was great! I reached out to her after being referred to her by my work and reaching out to many Transport Companies that couldn’t help. She got back to me quickly, addressed the needs for a vehicle being transported, made it a priority, and my Grandparent’s received their car quickly down in Florida without any hiccups.

I definitely recommend Preowned Auto Logistics for any of your covered or uncovered vehicle transport needs 🙂

Thanks again!”

– Lauren Ostiguy

“Kerri was completely wonderful in this process. Been searching for a company for months to pick up my vehicle from the body shop in California and deliver to North Carolina. After hearing all horrible stories from others and the internet, I was completely worried that I would have the same story. I got my Blazer faster than I thought and was completely happy with the process and no hiding fees, everything was perfect, and I’ll only use this company in the future!!!!”

– Louis Baker

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