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Terminal-to-Terminal Auto Shipping

Terminal-to-Terminal Auto Shipping

Jeremy Louisos, Senior Vice President at Preowned Auto Logistics, talks about terminal-to-terminal auto shipping and how it compares to shipping your vehicle to or from a residence. He explains when you should consider this shipping option.

I’m Jeremy Louisos, Senior Vice President at Preowned Auto Logistics. And I want to talk today about terminal-to-terminal auto shipping. As opposed to a residential pickup, when we use a terminal, we’re basically using a storage yard that is very accessible to our trucks on the road.

A lot of these trucks, they’re 80,000 pounds. They’re nearly 14 feet tall and 80 feet long, and for them to get into a residential neighborhood can be really challenging sometimes. So we have these terminal locations that store multiple vehicles safely and securely, and allow the bigger trucks to get in and ship to metro areas more easily. The number one advantage that customers might see with that is it can save you some money. If we have to send a special truck in to go pick it up, or maybe you’re somewhere outside of a metro area, it’s just going to add expense to get a truck to your location.

You might be in a location where it’s not even really possible to get a larger truck in. So terminal shipping will be a great option in that scenario. Another scenario where a terminal is a great option is maybe you need to drop your vehicle off at a certain time because you’re hitting the road, getting on an airplane, whatever you might be doing. Terminal is great because it’s a location that can always receive your vehicle. And then on the destination side, maybe you want the vehicle to arrive a few days ahead. So it’s absolutely there for the time you need it. You can then get off the plane, head down to the terminal, and the vehicle will be ready. So you’re not worried about residential pickups or scheduling additional trucks, and you’re not worried about maybe getting the timing just right if you have a specific drop off or pickup time. In those scenarios, terminal-to-terminal shipment is a great option for you.