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Six Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Owners

Motorcycle Riding

Six Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Owners

image of a man riding a motorcycle — motorcycle safety tips for new ownersWith spring here and magen full force, you may be chomping at the opportunity to take full advantage of the warm weather by purchasing a recreational vehicle you’ve been dreaming of for a long time: a motorcycle.

Having the freedom to feel the open air all around your body as you cruise down the street on your motorcycle is liberating. But if you’re a first-time owner, you may not be aware of the inherent dangers that accompany this mode of transportation. To help you be prepared, we’re discussing the top six motorcycle safety tips for new owners.

Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Owners

1) Purchase the Right Motorcycle For You

Just like automobiles, motorcycles come in a wide range of makes, models, sizes and power levels. To find the bike that is best suited for you, you may wish to visit a motorcycle dealer and sit on several different models. As a new owner, it’s best to purchase a bike that has lower power specifications; although buying the fastest bike is tempting, you risk having the motorcycle get away from you, at least while you are a novice rider.

2) Wear Protective Gear

Although not all states require the use of protective gear, it is in your best interest to dress in the proper apparel. Every time you ride your motorcycle, wear a helmet to protect your head, put on sunglasses or goggles to protect your eyes, zip on a leather or reinforced jacket to protect your skin from flying bugs and debris (or road rash, if you happen to fall off of your bike), and lace on thick shoes to protect your feet from any rocks that may hop up from the road as you cruise.

3) Be a Defensive Rider

Due to their size and shape, motorcycles can sometimes be difficult for other drivers to see until it’s too late. As a rider, it is your job to be constantly in tune with the drivers around you, as well as the road in front of you. Keep a reasonable distance from other vehicles at all times, and avoid any road debris that could cause you to lose control of your motorcycle.

4) Watch the Weather

Especially as a novice motorcycle owner, it is imperative that you choose to ride your bike only when the weather forecast is absent of rain, sleet and/or snow. Not only can wet roads severely reduce visibility and the traction of your tires, but riding in rain can also be extremely painful on your body.

5) Practice, Practice, Practice

The old adage says: Practice makes perfect. To hone your riding skills, practice riding your motorcycle in safe, uncrowded environments as often as you can; great places to start would be quiet country roads or within quaint neighborhoods. Avoid high-speed freeways until you feel that your skills have been perfected.

6) Never Ride Illegally

In many states, riding a motorcycle without a license or a permit is illegal; the same is true in the state of Massachusetts. Always remember to obey your local road laws. That means if you need to have your brand new motorcycle transported from a dealership to your home, consider enlisting the services of an automotive shipping company. This way, you ensure that your motorcycle arrives to its destination safely, securely and within the parameters of the law.