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Shipping Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Shipping Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Jeremy Louisos, Senior Vice President at Preowned Auto Logistics, looks at the process of shipping an electric vehicle. He compares it to shipping a gas-powered vehicle and gives tips on how much charge you need.

I’m Jeremy Louisos, Senior Vice President at Preowned Auto Logistics. And I want to talk about shipping electric vehicles or EVs. It’s something we’re doing a lot more of these days as they’ve taken a wider share of the market, and it’s really very similar to shipping a gas powered vehicle.

We need to be able to drive the vehicle onto the truck and drive it off of the truck. When it comes to a gas powered vehicle, we always tell our customers about a quarter of a tank of gas is perfect. That gives us enough fuel to drive on and off, but keeps the weight down. With an electronic vehicle or electric vehicle, we don’t really need to add any weight considerations to the charge so we recommend putting a full charge in your vehicle before shipping.

Definitely check with your manufacturer’s recommendations prior. We’ve had great success shipping on a full charge. This allows us to drive the vehicle on the truck, drive it off of the truck, and then there’s extra charge if there’s another destination you’re going to right after you take receipt of the vehicle.