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PAL’s Dedicated Account Reps (Video)


PAL’s Dedicated Account Reps (Video)

Colby Harlow of PAL talks about dealership car shipping, and why having a dedicated account rep makes such a big difference for dealerships transporting vehicles.

Hi, my name’s Colby Harlow and I work at Preowned Auto Logistics. Very often, I’m confronted with the question, “why should I choose you over another brokerage option?”

I think there are many, many reasons, but my most common answer tends to be, simply put, “me”. You’re going to have a single point of contact over here. I’m going to walk you through the process from pickup to delivery and everything in between. And also, I view it as being a consultant for your dealership as well.

I’ve worked nationwide with dealerships all the way from California to North Carolina and in New England. I get to see the whole marketplace, so what I’m going to do is consult you on where cars are moving the fastest, where they’re moving the cheapest, so you can make the best decisions based off your needs, and just try to be beneficial for everyone.