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Open vs Closed Carriers for Car Shipping (Video)


Open vs Closed Carriers for Car Shipping (Video)

Mike Marshall of PAL talks about the differences between open and closed carriers for car transport.

Hi, I’m Mike Marshall, Dispatch Manager with Preowned Auto Logistics. I want to talk to you today about the differences between open and enclosed transport for vehicles. Open trailers — your car is exposed to elements, and it goes down the highway, just like anything else. But again, it is open. The cars are secured and strapped down. However, road dust and grime and water will definitely affect the transit. It is cheaper and not always the best option for a luxury car or something that’s an irregular size or shape.

You can always go enclosed. And enclosed is just what it says; it’s a car trailer that has an enclosure. So your vehicle remains inside and clean, dust-free and dry. And generally, they have door-to-door deliveries. And there is a premium for it; it is a service that’s beyond the normal one. But it is something we provide, and is well worth it for high-value vehicles.