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Moving to Another State with Your Car


Moving to Another State with Your Car

When it comes to moving long distances, you’ll need to arrange a way to get your vehicle moved—letting Preowned Auto Logistics help you get your car moved safely and quickly will take some of the stress off your shoulders. Learn about moving to another state with your car by shipping your vehicle with Preowned Auto Logistics below.

Shipping Your Car vs. Driving Yourself

Although car shipping services have been around for decades, it is still a relatively new concept to consider shipping your personal vehicle when moving across the states for many people. However, this method of auto transportation makes for a stress-free, cost-effective, and reliable solution to moving your car.

Let’s take a look at the primary reasons to choose to ship your car instead of drive:


Shipping your vehicle with an auto shipping company is the safest way to move your vehicle for both you and the car. The professional transportation drivers ensure that the cars on the truck are protected from damage throughout the entire trip and have years of experience with standard routes and transporting cars across the states.

Time Commitment

Driving a vehicle, yourself is a considerable time commitment. You’ll likely have to take time off of work to make the trip, which will result in a loss of wages, and you may even have to spend over a week on the road. All of this time on the highway increases your risk for an accident and adds to the stress of your move.

Shipping your car allows you to drop off your vehicle at your convenience and pick it up from a terminal when it arrives. It’s much more freeing and gives you the ability to use your time more efficiently.


Driving your car seems like the most cost-effective way to move your car across the states; however, this is often not the case. Depending on the type of carrier you choose, the distance, and how far ahead of time you book your auto transport, shipping costs can be much lower than driving.


When you don’t have to worry about the time commitment or the additional costs of driving your own vehicle during your move, you’ll be free to take care of more important things. Additionally, you can opt for our door-to-door car shipping service, where the driver will pick up your vehicle from as close to your home as possible and deliver it to your door.

What Do You Need to Ship Your Car?

Preparing your car for shipment is easy. First, you’ll need to remove all personal items from the vehicle. Carriers are required to stay within a specific weight limit, and reducing the additional weight ensures that drivers are able to load the trucks more easily. Additionally, your vehicle should have no more than a ¼ of a tank of gas.

Next, you’ll need to cancel the registration and insurance in your current state if you plan to move permanently to the new location. Cars being shipped on a carrier do not require plates or registration, so you can take those off before the vehicle is picked up to save you the hassle of dealing with it once you’re in the new state. We’ll cover your vehicle under our insurance policy while in transit, so you won’t have to worry about your car being uninsured during shipment.

Cost of Car Shipping to Another State

Now that you know the primary reasons you might choose to ship your car, let’s look at the costs of auto shipping.

Costs of Auto Shipping

Most auto transport companies follow a similar pricing system, so it’s easy to determine the standard rate for getting your vehicle transported across the states. Keep in mind that if you find a carrier that offers prices that seem too good to be true, it is likely a scam. Be sure to get quotes from several auto transport companies to ensure you know what the industry standard should look.

Some of the factors that can impact the cost of shipping your car include distance, size of the vehicle, cost of the vehicle, and how far ahead of time you’ve booked your shipment.

In general, booking weeks in advance will help to lower the cost of shipping your car. Another way to lower the cost is by opting for an open carrier instead of a closed carrier. The open carriers are the kind you see most often on the road and are a safe and reliable way to transport your vehicle.

Shipping a luxury vehicle will likely cost more because you’ll want to book a closed carrier for these types of cars. Additionally, you may have other special accommodations for shipping rare or luxury vehicles that can impact the price.

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“We moved out of the state of Massachusetts to Florida last week and needed to have one of our vehicles shipped down too. I was a bit nervous about having my auto shipped and even more nervous about the length of travel. I was compelled to write a review because we had an amazing experience with Preowned Auto Logistics from start to finish. The communication was ongoing every step of the way, and our car was picked up and dropped off just as promised. It came right off the trailer looking just perfect. I really enjoyed chatting with several staff during the course of this endeavor. If you are looking to ship your vehicle, may you find peace in my personal experience? They are well organized, and you will feel that too”

– Andra Arlington

“Bill set me up with Kerri to handle the transport of my SUV from Fort Lauderdale to Buffalo. Everything went smooth, from customer service to the gentleman/driver who picked up my vehicle. He took pictures of the vehicle and once it was loaded on the trailer. He gave me his cell number to call or text him, which l did once. Delivery was perfect! I am very pleased with Auto Logistics and will definitely use them in the future😊”

– Wendy Wakeley

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