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Moving Tips: Shipping Your Car (Video)

Moving Tips: Shipping Your Car (Video)

Mike Scenna of PAL gives you tips for shipping your car, whether you’re moving permanently or seasonally.

Hi, I’m Mike Scenna, sales manager at Preowned Auto Logistics. Today, I want to talk about moving tips, specifically shipping your car during a move. When it comes to shipping your car during a move, the first thing you’re going to want to figure out is, “which end of the move is it easier to be without a car?” Is it easier to be at your origin end or your destination end? Most people find that it’s easier to be at their origin, and their current home, without a car. They have friends that can drive them around, or you’re really busy packing and you just don’t really have a need for a car.

However, on your destination end, your new home, most people find that as soon as they get to their new home, they need their car to just get around, do some grocery shopping. You don’t have as many people that you can rely on for transportation.

Once you’ve decided which end is easier to be without the car, you’re going to want to reach out to a shipping company. A good shipping company is going to help you pick the right date, once you know where it’s easier to be without the car. They’re going to help you really set that move up the right way, tell you exactly when to give the car up so you get it exactly when you want on the other end.

Ultimately, once you’ve got your move figured out and you know which end is easier to be without the car, reach out to a reputable shipping company. They’re going to really help you decide the best way to ship the car.