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Moving Tips: Permanent vs Seasonal Moves (Video)

Moving Tips: Permanent vs Seasonal Moves (Video)

Mike Scenna of PAL explains the difference between permanent and seasonal moves, and offers tips to think about when moving, such as whether or not to own a second set of furniture and clothes, and whether or not to ship your car.

Hi, I’m Mike Scenna sales manager at Preowned Auto Logistics. Today, I want to talk about moving tips, specifically moving permanently versus moving seasonally. Moving permanently, of course, is a much bigger project. You’re uprooting your entire life. You’re taking everything you own from one place and bringing it to an entirely new place. You need to really go through everything thoroughly. Make sure you don’t miss anything. Make sure that you have everything lined up, identification changes, vehicle registration changes, paperwork. When it comes to the house, the moving company is set up for the right date. There are so many factors that go into moving permanently that it’s just a big project and you want to make sure you really prepare for it.

Moving seasonally is something you’re doing on a frequent basis, once or twice a year. Although it might not seem as big of a project, there are still things that you have to think about and decide before doing this. You need to think about how long you’re going away, and how much stuff you want to bring. Remember, you’re moving seasonally, so you’re going to one place, but then you’re coming back from that place again. You want to really try to, most of the time, pack light, bring as little as possible, because you’re going to have to move that stuff two times.

For most people, it’s two times every year, which leads into the final part. You want to think about owning versus renting, and that’s anything, whether it’s the residence, whether it’s furniture, or whether it’s the car. Owning versus shipping; you want to decide, does it make more sense to have a fully furnished home at your seasonal residence, rather than bringing a bunch of furniture, items and clothes.

When it comes to the car, it’s the same thing. Does it make more sense to own a car at your seasonal residence, or ship your car back and forth? A lot of people think right away that, “Oh, I should own a car at my seasonal residence,” but you have to consider the costs that come with that. There’s storage costs for the vehicle. There’s registration cost, there’s insurance. These things add up quickly.

Ultimately, when it comes to a permanent move and a seasonal move, there are a lot of factors for both. The best thing you do is prepare well ahead of time and contact professionals that could help walk you through the process and make it go as easy as possible.