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Moving Tips: Contacting Your Moving Company (Video)

Moving Tips: Contacting Your Moving Company (Video)

Mike Scenna of PAL gives you tips for contacting your moving company, including when you should contact them, and the types of information that you should provide to them.

Hi, I’m Mike Scenna, sales manager at Preowned Auto Logistics. Today, I want to talk about moving tips; specifically when to contact a moving company. Moving is something most people have either never done before or only done a handful of times. So when it comes to contacting a moving company, you really want to reach out well in advance in order to have a professional help walk you through the process; when to start packing your items, how to prepare for the move, when to start preparing certain things. These are things that you may be asking yourself and find that you don’t have the answers to. The sooner you have a professional moving company on board, the easier it makes this process go.

Number two is availability. Moving is a big project. It’s something people plan several months, sometimes years in advance. For this reason, moving companies book out several months to years in advance. So you really want to make sure you reach out so that you get a moving company that’s available those dates that you’re looking to move.

And number three is you want time to talk to a few different companies. It’s good to see at least two or three different companies. Get two or three different quotes and just get a feel for the company moving your stuff. These are all your personal items, things that have a lot of sentimental value. You really want to make sure you find a company that you’re very comfortable with.

So when it comes to contacting a moving company, it’s never too early to reach out to one. However, I’d suggest a minimum of six months prior to your move that you reach out to a moving company.