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Luxury Car Transport (Video)


Luxury Car Transport (Video)

Jeremy Louisos talks about transporting luxury cars, the different types of carrier trucks, and the differences when shipping your luxury car with PAL.

I’m Jeremy Louisos, SVP at Preowned Auto Logistics , here to talk about transporting luxury vehicles. So at Preowned, we’ve transported a lot of different types of luxury vehicles over the years, whether they be classic cars, collector cars, a lot of exotic high-line cars, race cars, cars for movie sets. We’ve really done everything in that space.

One of the things that we talk to folks about all the time, on any shipment that you’re shipping, enclosed transportation might be a good option when you’re looking to elevate a little bit. Regular open carriers work really well, your vehicle is encaged up off the road, but it is going to be exposed to weather conditions and other road conditions like debris that could be moving around. There are a number of times where if you’re shipping a luxury vehicle, that is not an option for you. You need this thing to get there perfectly.

So enclosed, a lot of these carriers have an actual lift gate on the back of the carrier. The vehicle can be driven on, clears that low clearance that a lot of these luxury vehicles have, lifts it up on an elevator, you drive it right in and it’s going to be sealed in there.

The straps that they use are special kinds of straps that don’t touch the wheels. There’s no chains in the frame. It’s all done really clean and really safely as well, which is an important consideration for anyone shipping a high value vehicle.

And lastly, when it comes to shipping, especially new luxury vehicles, we make sure it has both sets of keys, the books are in the vehicle, it’s got low miles, or we know the miles on it. And we do a thorough condition report of the vehicle, as we do with all the vehicles that we ship at Preowned Auto Logistics.