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How to Choose the Best Auto Transport Company


How to Choose the Best Auto Transport Company

Once you’ve decided to ship your car from one state to another, it’s time to do your research and find the right auto transport company for your particular needs. With so many questions to be answered, it’s important that you work with a company that’s able to meet your demands and provide you with solutions. 

Choosing the Best Auto Transport Company

Doing your research to find the best car shipping company is key to ensuring not only the safety of your car but your peace of mind. Here are a few considerations. 

Ask Around

If you know anyone who has shipped their car, try asking them about their experience and the types of questions you should ask auto transporters. If you don’t know anyone who has had a car shipped, you can do a quick Google search that will come up with tons of options in your area. While many people may choose the first option Google gives them, it’s always best to look for other companies that also have high ratings. 

Because the entire car shipping process is about logistics and customer service, you can rely on customer reviews to help you make this very important decision. When looking at different car transporter reviews, pay attention to the details, and see if any of your questions are being answered. Be wary of those with very few or no reviews at all and those with lots of negative reviews. Make sure to check out the best reviews and the worst to make sure you can weigh your options with as much knowledge as possible. 

Websites like BBB, TransportReviews, Google, and Facebook are great resources for reviews. 

Consider Costs

Most people make their decisions based on cost, but remember that you get what you pay for. Auto transporting costs should be competitive, but you shouldn’t go with a company just because it’s the cheapest. You can easily call your prospective auto transport companies’ customer service representatives or use their website to determine how you can request a quote. 

Types of Services Offered

You can visit their website or speak to a customer service representative to find out what your prospective transport companies offer in terms of shipping services. Some will offer both enclosed and open transport while others offer one or the other. This is just one factor that will affect the overall cost of shipping your car. 

You’ll also want to see if they’ll be able to meet your needs with their services. For example, ensure that if you have a luxury vehicle that the auto transport company has experience shipping these types of cars safely and without incident. The types of services offered may be different depending on your exact needs, so make sure to explain your requirements before making a final decision. 

Customer Service

By now, you’ll have been in contact with customer service representatives from the auto transport companies that you’re interested in using. Initial customer service interactions can tell you a lot about a company and its employees. If a customer service rep can’t answer your questions or seems uncaring, then you might expect that from the truckers they use to transport your vehicle. However, if you’re given quality service as soon as possible, that is a sign that you’re working with a truly professional company that will be able to be there for you throughout every step of the shipping process. 

Consider Your Options

Your car has significant value, which is why it’s important to determine who the right company is in which to trust your car. At the final stage, you’ll have received several quotes based on your research and be able to answer some of your own questions. 

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