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How To Arrange Auto Transport for Your Vehicle

How To Arrange Auto Transport for Your Vehicle

Whether you’re relocating for work, spending your winters in Florida, or showing your car off in a show, there are a ton of reasons why you’d want to ship your car instead of drive it. Having your car shipped is not only safer than driving it yourself, but it’s also less stressful and time-consuming.

Arranging Your Vehicle Transport

While the auto transport process may seem intimidating at first, we’ve put together this guide to put your worries to bed. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can easily arrange your auto transport.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Moving from one state to another isn’t something most people do on a whim. It’s important to plan your relocation in advance as best as possible. The same can be said for arranging your auto transport. Make sure to determine your travel dates before booking your shipment because it’s best to plan every aspect as early as possible, especially to find the best rates. Select a window of dates that best suit your needs so that you can work with your auto transporter to create a schedule.

Additionally, it’s important to note that some seasons are busier for auto transporters than others, which can affect rates. If you can, try to ship your car in an offseason like early spring or late fall to save yourself money.

Speaking of money, you’ll also want to consider your budget as some cars are more expensive to ship than others.

Sports cars and collectibles will need enclosed transportation to protect them from road debris and the elements on the journey. Enclosed transportation costs more, but it ensures the safe delivery of the vehicle. You can also select open transport to save money if your car doesn’t need special treatment.

Do Your Research

Before you decide to go with the first auto transport company that you find, make sure to do your research. Because you’re entrusting a company with your vehicle, it’s important that they be reputable with good customer service. Make sure to go to car transport companies’ websites to determine whether or not they’re a good fit before hiring one on a whim. To keep yourself from getting overwhelmed with search results, try to make a list of the three companies that seem like they might be right for you.

Part of your research should include getting a quote from each of the three companies to determine what’s within your budget. Never make the decision based solely on their quote; make sure to include things like reviews from past customers, BBB ratings, and more.

Book Your Auto Transport

Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to book your shipment. Make sure to jot down any questions you have so that you can ask them during the initial call so that you can ensure all of your needs will be met. A customer service representative will be able to provide you with information about insurance, cancellation policies, additional fees, and how to arrange pickup.

The customer service rep will also provide you with all of the details you’ll need to know for dropping your car off in one location and picking it up in the other state.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Once your booking is set up, it’s time to prepare your vehicle. Make sure to gather all of the necessary vehicle documentation and store it in a safe place. This includes your license, booking confirmation, car insurance, and registration. While the auto transport company provides you with insurance during shipment, it’s smart to check your own insurance to see if you’re covered should anything happen on the road.

Your car should be clean with all personal items removed before dropoff. You may also want to check the fluid levels in your car and do a quick scan and take photos of any dents or scratches it has before transport.

Part of preparing your vehicle means preparing for it to be picked up once it reaches its destination. At the time of pickup, you must be available to meet the driver. This means that making arrangements ahead of time will ensure that you get your car when you need it and avoid delays.

Ship Your Vehicle

Once your vehicle is ready, and you’ve made it to the date of shipment, a truck will pick up your car based on the timeframe the auto transport gave you when you booked your shipment. When the driver arrives, they will go over an agreement with you that details the shipment of the car and the condition that it’s in prior to shipping.

After Shipment, Receive Your Vehicle

Your vehicle transportation company will let you know when your car will arrive at its destination. Upon delivery, you will go over the condition report with the truck driver to ensure that the vehicle is in the same conditions as when it left your care. If there are any questions or concerns, make sure to follow up with the auto transport company as soon as possible.

Arrange Auto Transport For Your Vehicle

Now that you have an understanding of car transport, it’s time to schedule your shipment. Contact us today for a free car shipping quote.