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Dealership Car Shipping – The PAL Customer Portal


Dealership Car Shipping – The PAL Customer Portal

Jeremy Louisos talks about the PAL Customer Portal, and how it allows dealerships to instantly see where their vehicles are.


I’m Jeremy Louisos, SVP at Preowned Auto Logistics, and I’m here to discuss the PAL Customer Portal.

So for us, what started out as a way of trying to reduce some of our communications — we were getting a lot of inquiries from folks like sales managers, general managers, regional managers, on “Hey, where the heck is this car? I have keys, I don’t see the vehicle here,” or, “I have something in my inventory management system, but I don’t know where the car is” — we were getting a lot of calls and emails. They were doing a lot of communication with their team, trying to locate these cars. We realized, hey, we actually have probably the best dataset to locate all of our client’s vehicles. So we extended the PAL Customer Portal.

So the PAL Customer Portal allows dealerships to log into our system and do things like use a VIN lookup and instantly see exactly where their vehicles are. They can view customer history and see every vehicle they may have scheduled for pickup or recently delivered. They can print pre-invoices and even request orders in the future, and get quotes for orders they might be doing.

The next level of that is really an integration where we start building out notifications, customized reporting for specific scenarios like, “hey, every time a vehicle is dropped off at this location, we want a custom notification to go out to these email addresses.”

The final iteration of this, and where we’re really seeing the most power for the PAL Portal is integrating our transportation management system with the dealership’s inventory management system, which allows updates to transmit from our system to theirs and requests that they might be generating from their system to go instantly into our system, creating the order and allowing us to deliver really quick service without a ton of typing, calling or emailing. So we’re really excited about this. Please check out the PAL Portal today.