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Dealership Car Shipping: One-Stop Shopping with PAL (Video)


Dealership Car Shipping: One-Stop Shopping with PAL (Video)

Colby Harlow of PAL talks about dealership car shipping, and why being able to rely on Preowned Auto Logistics for all of your car transportation needs make a huge difference compared to using multiple companies with different points of contact.

Hi, my name’s Colby Harlow. I work at Preowned Auto Logistics, and I just wanted to talk to you quickly about one-stop shopping. Over here, we’re a nationwide brokerage firm. I’ve dealt with many dealerships in the past that have ordered, and I reach out to brokers based on the region of the country that they’re looking for a car from.

Over here, we found it very beneficial to, instead of having multiple contacts and multiple different companies, to just use one company that works nationwide. You benefit, because instead of reaching out to three or four companies looking for your cars, you give me one call, I’m your one point of contact, I can tell you about any car that you’re moving with us anywhere in the country. On top of that, accounting-wise, you’re getting invoices from one company. Any questions you have, calling me, one person. I just think it really condenses the process, it’s time-saving, and allows you to do what you do best, and sell cars.