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Dealership Car Shipping: Dedicated Account Reps (Video)


Dealership Car Shipping: Dedicated Account Reps (Video)

Jake Klose of PAL talks about why having a dedicated account rep at Preowned Auto Logistics makes a huge difference for dealerships shipping cars.

One of the benefits of having a dedicated account rep is, you always have a point of contact, as opposed to these other companies where they’ll charge you a lower rate, but the service won’t be as good. Just like in any other industry, you pay for what you get. With us, you’re going to get dedicated account reps who will answer their phone 24/7, seven days a week, with any needs you may have. You want an update on where your vehicle is, you want an update on when it’ll be delivered, or when it’s even picked up, we’ll be here 24/7 for all your needs.

Me, as an account rep, I work with dealerships all over the country, ranging from dealerships in Connecticut to California. So I really have to be available 24/7. So if you need a quote, the simplest way would be the email or call, and I’ll be available right away.

So with Preowned, there’s multiple avenues for you to get information. Me, as an account rep, like I said, always I’m available 24/7, you can call me. But we also do offer our PAL portal for our customers and our dealerships. This allows you to track your in-transit inventory. You can always see when your cars are being dispatched, picked up, en route, and when they’re delivered. And you also get nightly updates through our PAL portal on the status of your order as well.

So when you ship with Preowned, when you put an order in with us, whenever we have a driver assigned, I will personally reach out to you and let you know a timeframe of when the driver will be expecting picked up and a timeframe of when he will be delivering. We can’t give you exact time, just in this industry it’s just not realistic. One thing that I do tell my customers is, “You might not like what I’m going to [say], but it’s not going to be a lie, it’s going to be the truth.” And I think that’s very important in this industry, is to be truthful. Because, let’s be honest, in this industry there are many mistakes that can happen. But I would say what separates us apart is how we deal with them.