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Customer Service and Car Shipping


Customer Service and Car Shipping

When you ship your car using an auto transport company, you’ll want to find a company that can meet all your needs and offers incredible customer service. At PAL, we provide that personal touch to your experience that sets us apart from our competitors. If you are considering shipping your car, motorcycle, or other vehicles, learn why so many choose to use Preowned Auto Logistics for their car shipping needs.

Why is Customer Service with Car Shipping Important?

Shipping your car means you are entrusting a company with your vehicle for the duration of the transportation. For many people, this gives them a stress-free experience moving their vehicle across the country or overseas. That peace of mind comes from choosing an auto shipping company that you can trust.

At PAL, we are dedicated to providing an outstanding customer experience. Our drivers are all highly experienced transportation professionals that make customer service their top priority. We want you to feel good about your car shipping services, from drop-off to delivery every time.

How PAL Makes Car Shipping Easy

At PAL, we make car shipping easy by providing options and reliability so that you can choose the services that best fit your needs. Our team has over twenty years of experience providing high-quality auto transport services across the USA and internationally. We provide open and enclosed car shipping services so that you can choose the right type of transportation for your vehicle, whether it’s a luxury sports car or a family sedan.

Our drop-off terminals located throughout the US make it easy to find a PAL facility near you! Additionally, we offer door-to-door services. If you choose our door-to-door option, your driver will pick up your vehicle straight from your location and deliver it directly to your new destination.

You can use PAL to ship all kinds of vehicles, including luxury vehicles, motorcycles, power-sports vehicles, boats, and other recreational vehicles. No matter what you need to ship, PAL is here to make your experience easy.

Reasons to Choose Auto Transport with Preowned Auto Logistics


PAL is the most trusted auto shipping company in the Northeast. We pride ourselves on our experienced drivers dedicated to providing you updates on your vehicle’s transportation throughout the journey. Our customers come back time and time again because they know PAL will get your vehicle delivered on time every time.


Everyone at Preowned Auto Logistics works to ensure your experience is stress-free and easy. We will happily answer any of your questions about your vehicle’s transportation and even offer on-demand updates from your driver!

Fully Insured Modern Fleet

No matter what you need to ship, PAL has the equipment to make it happen! We have an extensive carrier network to provide the auto shipping experience you need to feel good about your vehicle’s transportation. No matter what kind of shipping service you choose with PAL, your car will be fully insured while in transit.

Friendly and Knowledgeable

Our friendly staff is one of the reasons that so many of our customers come back to PAL whenever they need their cars shipped. Preowned Auto Logistics is a family-owned business, so we understand the value of adding a personal touch to every customer’s experience. Whenever you speak with our team, we’ll be ready to answer any of your questions, provide you with timely quotes, and more.

Customers Rave About PAL

PAL is one of the top car shipping companies in the USA because of our outstanding customer service and car shipping options. But, don’t take our word for it!  Read hundreds of reviews from previous customers who loved their experience with PAL.

Sample Customer Reviews

“It was great working with Josh!! Communication was on point, and car was delivered on the exact date. Would definitely recommend this company over any other shipping company!!!”

– Chinda Tham

“I recently hired preowned auto logistics to ship a brand new car from MA to MN. I worked with Jake, and he was professional, helpful, and communicative throughout the whole process, especially when I had to change the departure date.  The driver called my daughter the day before he got to MN, and they worked out a delivery time and  place that worked for both of them.”

– Michele Cohen

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Q: Is my car insured during shipment?

A: Yes! We cover your car fully while it is in our care under our cargo insurance policy. This policy does not cover any personal items left inside the vehicle, so please remember to remove everything before drop-off.

Q: Do you offer door-to-door services?

A: Yes! Our door-to-door service is available for anyone who wants to have their car delivered straight to their door. This service provides additional convenience at a higher cost than terminal services, so most customers choose to use a terminal drop-off for their car shipping.

Q: Do you haul boats, trucks, motorcycles, and power-sport vehicles?

A: Yes! We can haul all of your vehicles! Just talk to our team at PAL to learn about shipping motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and more!