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Car Shipping Tips: 3 Easy Ways to Save

Car Shipping Tips: 3 Easy Ways to Save

When it comes to shipping your car, whether it’s to move your family across the country for work or to travel south for the winter, there are tons of ways to save! We’ll show you some of our favorite car shipping tips below to help you save and get your vehicle shipped to your new destination without the stress.

1.  Open vs. Enclosed Carrier Shipping

First, the best way to save on shipping your car is by choosing the most affordable shipping option that still gives your vehicle the protection you need for peace of mind during shipping. There are two types of auto transport carriers: open and enclosed.

Open carriers are the type you see most often on the road. These carriers look like a semi with an open trailer hauling two levels of cars. It is a safe way to transport your vehicle, and it is lower priced than shipping your car enclosed. If you are looking to save, opt for an open carrier to move your vehicle across the country.

Enclosed carriers are less recognizable out on the road because the cars are not exposed like open carriers. Instead, they are inside a closed trailer where they are completely shielded from the weather, debris, and any other potential hazards on the road. These types of auto shipping carriers are less common and more expensive to book.

2.  Book Ahead

Secondly, booking far ahead of time can help you save even more. Because of the logistics that go into arranging your car shipment, giving PAL ample time to plan for your vehicle’s shipping can significantly reduce the cost of shipping your car.

At Preowned Auto Logistics, we recommend booking at least two weeks ahead of time to give our team time to find the best truck for your shipment. Additionally, booking even farther in advance can give your driver the time they need to find better routes to make your shipment faster when the time comes.

If you are in a pinch and have to book your car shipment last-minute, the costs of the shipment are likely to go up because of the additional time and effort it takes to arrange for your vehicle’s shipment. However, you can still save money by being flexible.

3.  Be Flexible

Lastly, it always helps to be flexible. At Preowned Auto Logistics, our goal is to help you get the most satisfaction out of your car shipping experience, so our team will work with you every step of the way. If you can make arrangements so that you don’t need to rent a car while yours is in transit, that will help save you money. Whatever your concerns with getting your vehicle shipped, PAL will help make every step of the process easy and transparent so that you can feel good about your shipment and save money, too!

Things to Watch for When Booking Your Auto Shipping

There are a lot of car shipping companies out there that seem to be offering auto transportation rates that look too good to be true. Unfortunately, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Some auto shipping companies will advertise unbelievably low rates and then bump up the cost by adding on fees and other things until you’re paying more than booking with a traditional company.

A good rule of thumb is to get quotes from multiple companies before picking your auto transportation company. This will give you a good idea of the industry standard and help you weed out any scams.

Another thing you’ll want to watch for is companies that will trade price for quality. At Preowned Auto Logistics, no matter what type of auto transportation you choose we will get your car to you safely and quickly so that you can feel confident from start to finish.

Pick a Carrier with Experience

One of the best ways to protect your car and get the best rate is by choosing a carrier with tons of experience and plenty of reviews. This can help you feel confident that the company is legitimate and has a reputation among dealers and individuals who need cars shipped frequently. Additionally, more experienced car shipping companies are familiar with the best routes throughout the country and can often guarantee faster shipping times and better rates on the whole.

Get on the Phone

When in doubt, the best thing to do is to pick up the phone and give the company you are considering a call. Any reputable auto shipping company will be happy to walk you through the process of shipping your car and answer any questions you may have about your car’s transportation.

At Preowned Auto Logistics, we are happy to work with you to find the best options for your vehicle so that you can get your car shipped for a price you can feel great about. We’ll answer any of your questions and help you pick the best options for your specific shipping needs.

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