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Car Shipping can be Complicated: Here’s Why it Takes Time to Ship Your Car to Florida

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Car Shipping can be Complicated: Here’s Why it Takes Time to Ship Your Car to Florida

I can get there in a day or two if I drive myself! Why does shipping my car to Florida take so long?

Of all the questions our customers ask, this one comes up most often. And it’s easy to understand why. If you can drive to Florida in about 24 hours, then why on earth does it take a week for carriers to ship your vehicle there? In fact, there are several reasons why it takes your car shipping company a little bit longer.

Our Drivers Have Numerous Responsibilities

In addition to picking up your vehicle, drivers generally make several stops for other vehicles en route. Because some terminals have limited hours, a driver might have to wait a day or more to complete the pick-up. Then, once the driver reaches your location, he has several drop-offs to make at different locations. On the way, drivers must stop at every weigh station to be in accordance with federal regulations. These responsibilities, while important, can slow a driver down.  

At PreOwned Auto Logistics, We Care About the Safety of Our Drivers

Drivers are legally required to drive no more than eight hours in a work day. Once they hit their eight hour mark, they must take some rest. At PreOwned, we abide by these standards because we care about the safety of our drivers. It is extremely dangerous for drivers to drive heavy nine-car carriers when they lack quality sleep. In addition, if drivers do not take adequate rest, they will actually be fined heavily by the Department of Transportation.

Heavier Vehicles Take Longer to Transport

We ask all of our customers not to put more than 100 pounds of belongings in the trunk of the car. There are valid reasons for these guidelines. When a carrier has more than 80,000 pounds on their truck, they can be fined hundreds of dollars. We comply to stay within the law and keep costs down for our customers.

We Set Your Expectations and Plan for the Unexpected

It’s a fact of life that, sometimes, trucks break down. Because nine-car carriers are more complicated than your average truck, they can be more susceptible to breakdowns. It is our policy to handle repairs immediately so that our clients’ vehicles are never at risk. Unfortunately, this sometimes adds time to a transport. Rest assured, however, that we keep our clients informed every step of the shipping process.

We Provide Service and Reliability to our Customers

If you have questions about the shipping process, please do not hesitate to ask! We want our clients to be informed every step of the way so that they can rest secure knowing that their vehicle will arrive safely and securely.