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Car Shipping for Corporate Relocations

Car Shipping for Corporate Relocations

Jeremy Louisos, Senior Vice President at Preowned Auto Logistics, discusses auto shipping and corporate relocations. He explains that PAL can ship your vehicle quickly and help you set up a payment arrangement that works with your employer’s reimbursement plans.

My name is Jeremy Louisos, Senior Vice President at Preowned Auto Logistics, and we want to discuss auto shipping when it comes to corporate relocations. You might find yourself in a situation where your company says, “Hey, you’re not going to be working in Texas anymore. You’re heading to New York and you have a month to figure everything out.” Don’t panic when it comes to auto shipping. At Preowned Auto Logistics, we do this all the time. We have you covered.

The first thing to think about is when that vehicle going to be ready and when you need it in your new office or your new workplace location. Our sales reps will guide you through that process and make sure that we have you fully covered, that the vehicle is going to be there when you need it, and that you’re not having to release it earlier than you’re ready for, so you can rest assured on that one.

Second, when it comes to payments, there’s sometimes questions as to, “Well, the company is going to reimburse me, or they’re going to pay directly.” We’ve handled any variety of those payments. Whatever it is, we’ll work with you and make sure that that part runs very smoothly as well.

I think the final thing I would say is just take a breath. We got you. This is something we do all the time. You have a number of things to get off of your checklist while you’re making this quick life move. Consider your auto transportation handled.