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Car Shipping for College Move-Ins (Video)

Car Shipping for College Move-Ins (Video)

Mike Scenna of PAL talks about shipping cars for college students, and the logistics of receiving a car on a college campus.

Hi, I’m Mike Scenna, sales manager at Preowned Auto Logistics. Today, I want to talk about car transportation for college move-ins. The first question for college car transportation is, “do I drive the car or do I ship the car?” A lot of college students want to throw all their stuff in their car, get behind the wheel and drive off to school. However, there are a lot of risks with going with this option.

Depending on where the school is, you’re looking at a lot of hours on the road, which can get very unsafe. Most college students haven’t spent too much time on the road. Doing an 8 to 10 hour day on the road could be something that they’ve never experienced and ultimately be very dangerous to them.

Long trips behind the wheel also usually involve staying somewhere overnight. You need to bring all of your stuff to school, which means it’s all in the car. It can be very dangerous leaving all of your items in the vehicle overnight. There’s a chance of the vehicle being broken into, which results in damage to your car and ultimately loss of items.

And there’s also the cost. Driving the car gets expensive fast. There’s hotels, there’s food, there’s gas, there’s wear and tear on the car. It’s not necessarily cheaper to drive your car. A college student might think that, but if you really go through the cost, you might find that it’s cheaper to actually ship the car.

If you decide you want to ship the car, the best thing you could do is reach out to a professional car shipping company as soon as possible. They’re going to help really walk you through the process. Look at the dates that you need the car, where and when, and help you decide the best timing for shipping the car.

They’re also going to help guide you through the process on the delivery end. A college campus is a big and busy place. You want to make sure that you find a nice, safe spot to unload the car, and most car shipping companies have that kind of information. They’re experienced with that kind of stuff. Ultimately, the best thing you could do once you decide you want to ship a car is just reach out to a professional company as soon as possible and let them guide you through the process.