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Car Shipping FAQs: Can I Ship Personal Items in My Car?


Car Shipping FAQs: Can I Ship Personal Items in My Car?

When you’re weighing all your options for your big move, one of the ways you may be looking to save time and effort is by shipping your car.  Using a professional auto transport company can get your car across states and even overseas for less.

If you’ve decided to use an auto transport company for your car shipping needs, you’re probably wondering if you can load up your vehicle with personal items to save on moving expenses. Besides, the car is already going to your new home; why not throw a few extra boxes and bags in before it leaves?

It’s not unreasonable to think that loading up your car with a few items before the shipping company picks it up is an efficient way to save a little money.  However, you may be surprised at the number of ways that this can actually damage your vehicle or have it rejected by the auto transport company

Many car transport companies do not allow you to ship personal items with your car for a number of reasons, although some companies will allow a loaded suitcase in the trunk of your car with up to 100lbs of luggage.

Let’s look at some of the main reasons auto shipping companies don’t allow luggage or other personal belongings in the vehicles.

Increased Chance of Theft

One reason auto transport companies do not allow personal items in the vehicles is that it increases theft.  Some companies will allow a few personal things to be stored on the car’s floorboards or “below the windows,” making it harder to tell if there are valuables in the vehicles, as well as allowing the driver to safely load and unload the vehicle.

Risk of Damage to Your Vehicle

Another reason car shipping companies will not allow personal items in the car is that it increases the risk of damaging your vehicle in transit. Anything left in the cab of your vehicle can be jostled and bumped on the roads, which can lead to lasting damage.  Additionally, this can break the personal items. These damages are something that the car shipping company wants to avoid so that your car transport experience can be as good as possible.

Some auto transport companies will allow a few items to be stored in the vehicle’s trunk, where they run a lower risk of causing damage.  Talk to your auto transport provider about their requirements and limitations for shipping personal items with your vehicle.

Increased Weight for Shipping

The primary reason auto shipping company like PreOwned Auto Logistics will not allow luggage is the weight. Car shipping companies spend a lot of time and effort ensuring that their business operates as efficiently as possible.  This process includes calculating each vehicles’ weight being shipped to ensure that the car carrier is not overweight.

If every car loaded onto the shipping truck was carrying 200lbs or more of luggage, it would drastically affect the truck’s fuel efficiency and increase the number of stops being made, as well as wear and tear on the vehicle. Additionally, the truck may no longer meet legal weight limits, which is not only illegal, but a danger to everyone on the road.

For this reason, car shipping companies have strict weight limits that they require their drivers to follow, and that usually means minimal, if any, personal luggage in the vehicles.


In general, it is not safe to ship your personal items in your car that is being transported by an auto shipping company.  There are too many risks for both you and the shipping agent to risk sending valuables in your car.  Instead, you can ship your personal belongings separately or rent a moving van to transport your large furniture.  Both of these options are better for you and your things in the long run.

Should I Ship My Car?

When it comes to moving your things from one state to another, you have a lot of decisions to make.  Getting your car and your belongings to your new home safely should be a top priority.  That’s why PreOwned Auto Logistics follows strict guidelines about shipping personal items in your car.  Our goal is to get your car delivered with no complications.

If you’ve decided to ship your car instead of driving yourself, you’ve made an excellent choice by picking PreOwned Auto Logistics.  Our friendly, highly trained professional drivers will get your car shipped to your new location quickly.

We have over 20 years of experience shipping personal vehicles and commercial vehicles, so you know your car will be in good hands from pick-up to delivery.  Our team can ship straight to your door or to a designated terminal.  We can even help you ship your car overseas!

Get a car shipping quote today and find out how much you can save on your moving fees by shipping your car with us!