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Advanced Technology Integration for Dealerships

Advanced Technology Integration for Dealerships

Jeremy Louisos, Senior Vice President at Preowned Auto Logistics,  talks about system integrations for dealerships. He explains how dealerships can sync their management systems to PAL’s online portal for easy updates and inventory oversight.

My name is Jeremy Louisos, Senior Vice President at Preowned Auto Logistics, and I want to talk about system integrations for dealerships when it comes to their auto transportation.

Many of our customers are aware of the three layers of tech goodies that we offer. So one, is the PAL nightly email update. This provides a rundown of all the vehicles you might be shipping with us, at any given time, what was delivered today, what’s still in route, that sort of thing.

Second is the PAL portal. The PAL portal allows our customers to log in to our database, and they can view that same information they’re getting with the nightly email update. They see all their status updates and where all their vehicles are. The VIN lookup is a huge tool that our clients love to take advantage of. Hey, I have this vehicle, where is it? Pop the VIN into our VIN lookup, and you’re off to the races.

We also offer some customized reportings and custom notifications, lots of things to really custom tailor the PAL portal to your needs. But that final layer of customization comes in the form of our system integrations. So, you might be working with Reynolds Reynolds or CDK or Advent or whatever your DMS is. PAL has developed a very robust API that automatically generates transportation requests in our system when you update your management system.

It’s seamless, it’s smooth. We make sure the details are right, and we can set up confirmation emails to go back and forth, whatever you’d like to see. But we found this a very powerful tool for a number of our clients. They’re moving at a fast pace, and they don’t really want to jump outside of what they’re doing, and they’re able to generate that request automatically, just by doing what they’re already doing day in, day out.

The final bit to this, which makes it really slick is, those updates that you might be going to the PAL portal for, we can send those back into your management system. So, if the vehicle has been picked up, or it’s in route, you’ll see that right away in your management system. We can also generate quotes, and ETA’s. It’s a really robust system that a lot of our dealership customers have been taking great advantage of.