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Oversized Vehicle Shipping (Video)


Oversized Vehicle Shipping (Video)

Mike Marshall of PAL talks about oversized vehicle shipping, including trucks, boats, and other vehicles.

Hi, I’m Mike Marshall with Preowned Auto Logistics. I’m the Dispatch Manager. I’d like to talk to you about shipping oversized vehicles. Not all vehicles will fit on conventional equipment, all the different trailers that are available. If your vehicle is lifted, has any kind of a roof or ladder rack, is extra heavy, or has anything that’s beyond the normal stock vehicle, there are other options.

We can move just about anything on any kind of trailer. There are options like flat beds. There are low trailers. There are all kinds of different ways that we can move it. It’s important upfront when calling for any of those kind of quotes that we have a VIN number or the dimensions, weight, or any accessories that are on your vehicle. Again, we can move anything, so please call for a quote.